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The 134th Canton Fair
"Afteralongreunion,China'sfirstexhibitionreturn",ourcompanywillparticipateinthe134thChinaImportandExportFair(referredtoas"CantonFair"),whenthereleaseofanumberofnewproducts,warmlywelcomecustomersathomeandabroadtovisitandnegotiatebusiness.   Exhibitiontime:October15-19,2023   Boothnumber:Hall4.1-M09   Address:No.382YuejiangMiddleRoad,HaizhuDistrict,GuangzhouCity,"Afteralongreunion,China'sfirstexhibitionreturn",ourcompanywillparticipateinthe134thChinaImportandExportFair(referredtoas"CantonFair"),thenreleaseanumberofnewproducts,warmlywelcomecustomersathomeandabroadtovisitandnegotiatebusiness.   Exhibitiontime:October15-19,2023   Boothnumber:Hall4.1-M09   Address:No.382,YuejiangRoad,HaizhuDistrict,Guangzhou
2023 Beijing HVAC Exhibition
Today,China'smostinfluentialinternationalHVACheatingandcomforthomeexhibitionand2023BeijingHVACExhibitionisabouttomakeagranddebut.Onthisoccasion,wesincerelyinviteourcustomerstovisit,negotiateandexchange.   Exhibitiontime:May11-13,2023   Boothnumber:E3-01B       Location:Beijing,China.ChinaInternationalExhibitionCenter(NewHall)
Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair
Thefirstexhibitionaftertheepidemicreturnedwithglory,fullyrestoredthephysicalexhibitionandrestarted"face-to-facenegotiations."2023HongKongSpringElectronicsFairisabouttoopen,wesincerelyinvitenewandoldcustomerstoHongKongtonegotiate.   Exhibitiontime:April13-16,2023   Boothnumber:5E-C12   Venue:WanchaiInternationalConventionandExhibitionCentre,HongKong
2023 Cross-border exhibition
OnMarch18,2023,the2023ChinaCross-borderE-commerceFairopenedinFuzhou,FujianProvince,andannouncedattheopeningceremonythat2023isthefirstyearofChina'scross-tradefairglobalization.   Attheexhibitionsite,morethan50cross-bordere-commerceplatformsandmanyleadinge-commerceenterprisesathomeandabroadparticipatedintheexhibition,andmorethanonemillionhot-sellingproductsintheindustryprovedthatthisexhibitionhasamorefullrepresentationof"MadeinChina". Thiscross-tradefairfocusesontransactions,withascaleof70,000squaremeters,andthesupplychainboothsizeisnotlessthan80%.Manywell-knownexport-orientedindustrialbeltsinthecountryparticipatedintheexhibition,coveringmorethan60industrialbeltsinmorethan20provincesandcitiesacrossthecountry,andthetraditionalindustrialbeltofforeigntradehasbecomethe"mainforce".Severalcross-bordere-commerceinternationalizationprojectswiththe"BeltandRoad"asthelandingpointhavebeenwritten.Chinacross-borderE-commerce"Logistics+Finance"SummitForum,asthemainforumofthecross-tradeFair,focusedon"logisticsandfinanceinbothwaystoenablecross-bordere-commercetoreducecosts"andexplorenewprospectsfordevelopment.
How to use an electric heater to adjust the indoor temperature
  The electric heater is a process of converting electric energy into heat. It is an excellent electric heating device used for heating, keeping warm and heating the flowing gaseous medium. When the heating medium is under the applied pressure, it is produced during the operation of the electric heating element. The huge heat is evenly taken away by the electric heater, so that the temperature of the heated medium can meet the user's process requirements. Features: The hot air is clean, easy to use, and the equipment is relatively economical. Electric heaters are generally used at home, with small power, small size and light weight. It is one of the very good heating equipment. There are two types of electric heaters on the market, household and factory heaters. Due to different design purposes and use environments, the power varies greatly. Factory heaters require large environmental space. In order to achieve the desired effect, The battery is very large.   The information of the household electric heater is as follows: the rated voltage is 220V and the rated power is 2000W, which means that it is much worse than the factory-style electric heater. Because the space used is small, it is natural that the power is small.   The principle of electric heater is very simple, but you need to pay special attention when using it. Because electric heater relies on electricity to generate heat, its power is generally higher. Therefore, special attention should be paid to prevent electric shock during use. If necessary, rubber insulating pads or insulating coatings can be installed to prevent electric shock. Generally, electrical heaters have overheating protection devices, which means that if your wires continue to heat to a certain temperature, the overheating device will automatically start and automatically cut off the power supply, so that the wires will not be damaged due to continuous heating. When the temperature drops, the overheating device will automatically separate, so as to automatically switch on the circuit and continue heating. Generally, it is not recommended to turn on the heater for a long time, because once the overheating device fails, it may face the danger of disconnection or even fire. It should also be noted that Protection of electric fans. Because the fan that generates wind is particularly prone to failure in a high temperature environment, this is some necessary precautions for electric heaters.
Advantages and disadvantages of heaters
There are different classifications of heaters, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of heaters?    1. The advantages and disadvantages of electric heaters The advantage of    electric heater is electric energy, which uses electric energy to heat air conditioners or domestic water for heating. The heating speed is fast, the volume is relatively small, there is no noise, and the installation is convenient. It is a new product integrating some domestic heating equipment. The disadvantage of electric heaters is that they consume a lot of electricity. Ordinary residences use 25-35 degrees of electricity a day, and the cost performance is average. It is a relatively small heating boiler.    2. Advantages and disadvantages of fuel heaters The advantage of    oil-fired heating stove is that it relies on burning fuel to provide heat. It is relatively light, easy to use and operate, and its fuel consumption is not high. The disadvantage of the fuel heater is that this fuel heater is generally used in the industrial field. Although they are also used in the home field, they have just emerged in the market and are immature, and are generally not used as home heating equipment.    3. Advantages and disadvantages of gas heaters The advantage of    gas heater is that it is healthy, fast, more stable, and the amount of heat released is also constant. Users can flexibly adjust the heating temperature according to their needs, so as to avoid central heating, energy loss and other problems. It integrates heating and domestic hot water. Gas heaters are like heat sources in the home and can provide heating and domestic hot water. The disadvantage of gas heaters is that they are noisy in daily use and have certain pollution problems. Some imported gas heating stoves are more expensive and are not suitable for households with ordinary incomes.
Moene heater, a must for families with children
 During the transition period between autumn and winter, the temperature is always high and low. When inadvertently, children are easy to catch a cold and catch a cold. Children suffer and adults are also tired. In addition, children always like to crawl on the ground, or sit on the ground and play with toys. , In winter, the indoor temperature is low, and children are more likely to catch cold. I recommend a graphene heater with balanced heating. With it, the whole house is warm, and parents can safely play on the carpet for their children.    Many heaters use low-cost quartz or aluminum heating tubes. They feel hot when they are close, but they don’t feel warm when they are far away. But don't let your child get too close to the heater, because you are afraid that you might accidentally burn the child. Graphene heaters provide uniform heating throughout the house, and can also provide 360° thermal cycle heating. Large-scale heating is more comfortable. The heater radiates heat to the surrounding area. With the help of natural air flow, the heat is carried to all corners of the house, even if the child is away. You can feel the warmth farther away, and the heating is safe and comfortable. This heater will run with low power consumption when it reaches the preset temperature, reduce energy consumption, use low power, and is very energy-saving.    Children’s respiratory tract is fragile. If they are in a dry and water-deficient environment for a long time, they can easily cause respiratory diseases. However, many heaters on the market use hot air for heating. Long-term heating can easily cause discomfort such as dry limbs and lack of water in the body. The heater does not consume indoor oxygen and moisture when it is running. It is constant humidity and oxygen during heating. It will not cause symptoms such as dry nose and throat and skin dehydration when used for a long time. It can better protect the child’s delicate respiratory tract, which is worth a visit. It is mentioned that the graphene heater has zero noise and zero light source when heating, so there is no need to worry about strong light hurting the eyes, and no need to worry about noise affecting children's sleep.   Once winter comes, children's bathing becomes a big problem for novice parents. If you don’t pay attention to it when you take a bath, your child will catch a cold easily, but with graphene heaters, it’s not the same. It has an IP21 waterproof function and is not afraid of splashing water. It can be used in the bathroom. When the child takes a bath, the heater is turned on. The bath is also warm, reducing the chance of catching a cold. There is a flexible rotating universal wheel at the bottom, which can be pushed to every place in the home. It is used in multiple scenes and has higher practicability. The top is a safety and anti-scalding cover. Even if a naughty child accidentally touches it, don’t worry about it. Hot hands, very safe to use, dumping power off, overheating power off, child lock protection, triple safety protection, to protect children intimately.
The 5th Guangzhou International Cross-border E-commerce Trade Fair
During the three-day exhibition, our heaters were loved by many cross-border sellers, especially models HT2003-15 and HT2004-15D. Because of their compact size and exquisite design structure, they attracted countless trade sellers and became the first choice. one. We firmly believe that in the new industry and the new economy, we will use high-quality products to help cross-border sellers ride the wind and waves in the cross-border industry and create huge value!    See you again at the Beijing International Heat Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Bathroom and Comfortable Home System Exhibition on the 12th of next month!
Inkene heater, drying clothes for heating
 In terms of function, graphene heater has the effect of rapid heating up and heating the whole house. Graphene has very good thermal conductivity, which can effectively reduce heat loss and accelerate the speed of indoor conversion from cold winter to warm spring. It is worth mentioning that on the basis of the excellent heating effect and comfortable experience, the graphene heater is more heart-warming for the design of heating details. In order to allow users to obtain effective heating efficiency in different temperature environments and reduce long waits, the heater is designed with three power levels of 900W, 1300W, and 2200W to achieve the effect of supplementing heat, comfortable heating and rapid heating, without complicated Program, turn the knob to select the suitable gear independently, the heater is easy to understand and operate, and heating is more simple and convenient.   At the same time, you can also adjust the temperature control knob to select the appropriate temperature. When the set temperature is reached, the heater will automatically cut off the power to keep it warm, and it will restart heating when the temperature is lower than the set temperature. When it's cold, turn the knob clockwise to increase the temperature, and when it's hot, turn the knob counterclockwise to decrease the temperature. You don't need to think too much, the operation is handy, and there is always the comfortable temperature you want.    Winter clothes are difficult to dry, and towels are more likely to breed bacteria in a humid environment. The heater is equipped with a foldable drying rod for this. Put down the clothes when drying, and put them up when you don’t need them. It does not affect heating. Put a towel or dried wet clothes on the drying pole to assist in drying clothes. The drying pole can also warm clothes in addition to drying clothes. When you get up in the morning and change clothes or after bathing, you will often feel uncomfortable due to cold clothes. Therefore, the clothes can be placed on the clothes drying rod in advance to warm up the upper body.    Regarding the placement of graphene heaters, users can choose to place them on the floor or on the wall. The heater is thin overall and does not take up too much space. It can be placed anywhere on the ground, making it more convenient to move and heat. At the same time, the height of the heater's wind is about the knees of the human body, which is very friendly to warm the legs, and the wall hanging can save space and prevent pets or children in the house from accidentally knocking it over while playing. Due to the higher temperature at the outlet of the heater after running for a period of time, the wall hanging can also effectively avoid accidental touch and burns. In terms of appearance design, the heater is in white and gray as a whole, which is simple and fashionable, and is suitable for a variety of home styles. For families with children, children will inevitably bump into each other when playing indoors. The designer considers safety issues and will The corners of the heater are designed to be rounded, which can effectively prevent knocking injuries.
How about silicon heater
  In our lives, not only floor heating and heating can be used for heating, but many household appliances can also be used for heating, such as electric heaters and air conditioners. The properties of electric heaters are similar to air conditioners, but the difference is that electric heaters have no cooling effect. of. There are many types and materials of electric heaters, and silicon crystal heaters are one of them. So what about silicon heaters?   1, comfort. The silicon crystal low-temperature radiation heating system is a product with far-infrared low-temperature radiation as the main energy transfer method. The test proves that the human body is in a low-temperature radiation environment, just like being placed in the sun, and the actual temperature of the human body is higher than the indoor air temperature 2-3 ℃. Thereby improving the comfort of the living environment. At the same time, under low-temperature radiation conditions, the convection speed of indoor air is greatly reduced, reducing dust and noise in the room. There are no cold spots and hot spots in the room, and the temperature is balanced, so that there is no feeling of dryness, and the temperature is soft and sun-like.   2. Economical silicon crystal heater heats up quickly and generates heat quickly: it can be heated in 5 minutes after power on. The silicon crystal heating plate directly radiates heat to the room, and the temperature rise rate is more than 5 times faster than that of traditional plumbing and heating cables. Due to the realization of household and room heating, the temperature of each room can be adjusted at will according to the temperature and needs, and operating costs can also be saved. In a heating season, the use cost of a national standard residence with a building area of ​​100 square meters does not exceed 2,000 yuan, and the daily operating cost is One-third of the air conditioner, less than half of the plumbing and heating cables, is an affordable and affordable new type of heating product with high thermal efficiency. It is currently a product with a high conversion rate of electricity to heat, with a conversion rate of up to 98%. The system has high efficiency. When the room temperature is set to 16°C, it can achieve a heating effect of 18°C. Each degree of room temperature reduction can save 5% of energy. Since the temperature of the surrounding objects in the room is higher than the air temperature, when the heating system is closed for a short period of time, The heat emitted by objects around the room will play a role in keeping the room temperature stable.    3. Easy to install. The silicon crystal heating plate is designed and produced according to the international advanced modular concept, with a reasonable structure and convenient installation. The heating area can be arbitrarily arranged according to your preferences, zoned installation, zoned control, zoned heating; flexible combination, can be installed and combined in any way, without installation area requirements, and does not occupy indoor space. Moreover, it can achieve the effect of decoration and beauty, and the system does not need to be repaired, which saves the maintenance and operating costs required by other heating methods.
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